Hotellinx Cloud for everyone

Small or big – individual hotel or hotel group – Hotellinx Cloud is the solution

Hotellinx Cloud is developed for the hospitality industry and adapts itself to the needs of practically any organisation within this branch. Hotels and hotel groups, conference centres, holiday resorts, serviced apartments, restaurants and other – Hotellinx Cloud covers them all.

Due to its scalability and flexibility, Hotellinx Cloud has solutions of all sizes, from single-workstation packages for small inns up to centralized solutions for hotel chains, and everything in between.

Hotellinx Cloud’s special strength is its ability to cover hotel & restaurant plus all other departments and types of reservations in the same package. It is therefore especially useful for hotels that offer their guests also other services than accommodation.


Front Office

– one single tool for all reservations and departments


In Hotellinx Cloud Front Office, you will find everything needed for the reception, sales office and other departments to carry out their daily work – reservations, check-in, confirmations and guest cards, conference arrangements, rate handling, hotel calendar, reports,…

With one tool shared by all departments, any staff member can handle any reservation – the hotel reception can make table reservations, conference hosts can extend room reservations and within a hotel group, it is easy to book a guest’s next stay, dinner or spa treatment in another hotel.

A specific room or meeting room can be booked directly, but you can also book just a room type, for example any single room or any meeting room. The reservation wizard shows all available options, which makes it easy to find the best choice for different types of guests based on price, room type or package.


Built-in Point of sales

The Hotellinx Cloud built-in Point of sales covers room bills, but also restaurant, bar, souvenir shop and all other points of sales.


This allows you to handle and settle all types of bills in the same way in the same window, sell directly to room bills from any workstation, move whole bills or individual postings between departments or guests and browse guest bills or check out hotel guests on any workstation. It also means that all sales are neatly on one report, while you of course still can follow sales by department, too.

Any account, for example in the restaurant, can be connected to a Hotellinx Cloud customer, allowing you to create invoices and follow up on payments in the sales ledger, which is another built-in part of Hotellinx Cloud.

Available are also stock control and a smartphone application for waiters, both directly connected with the Hotellinx Cloud Point of Sales.


Online reservations

NetReservations – your hotel’s own booking engine


NetReservations takes availability and rates from Hotellinx Cloud the moment a guest books and therefore always shows up-to-date information. Correspondingly, you can see reservations made online in NetReservations right away in Hotellinx Cloud.

Just like Hotellinx Cloud itself, NetReservations covers various types of reservations and services – accommodation, meeting rooms, restaurant tables, activities, treatments,… And if you do giftcards and tickets, you can sell them too in NetReservations.

Sounds interesting? Try NetReservations here!
Channel and channel management integrations save time and prevent mistakes.

Hotellinx Cloud pushes availability and rates automatically to channel management systems for further distribution to the channels where you wish to sell your rooms. At the same time, reservations are picked up and inserted straight into Hotellinx Cloud.


Housekeeping for tablets

Stay on track with cleaning, service requests, lost property, minibar,…


Hotellinx Cloud Housekeeping – which works on any tablet with an internet connection – is for marking rooms clean and adding service requests, keeping track of lost property and adding minibar charges to room bills.

Reception staff can also use Housekeeping to stay up-to-date with the situation and avoid checking guests in to rooms that are not clean or to inform guests that their room is just being cleaned and will be ready in a moment.

Housekeeping can sends sms messages and emails to service personnel and show alert messages to all users. It also includes various views and reports, as well as planning tools.


Task management

Hotellinx Cloud Task management assists with sales and other projects, enhances internal and external communication and keeps track of working hours

You can create your own types of tasks with different statuses, connect tasks to guest reservations and attach documents to tasks, for example agreements or instructions. You can also email tasks within your own organisation or to guests..


Fairly priced according to hotel size and needs

The monthly fee for Hotellinx Cloud covers the software including updates, as well as your database hosted on Hotellinx’s cloud server. The installation is easy and you don’t have to worry about data backups or other maintenance issues.

Hotellinx Cloud is priced based on the size of your hotel and the number of users and you pay for the modules and features that you use. A basic package includes Front Office and Point of Sales, reports and setup tools, but you can choose whether you want to have just room reservations or also include meeting rooms, restaurant tables, activities, spa or any other types. To the basic package, you can add sales ledger, web booking engine, channel management integration, housekeeping on tablets, export files, integrations and other features.


Try before you decide!

We offer you the option to try Hotellinx Cloud with your own hotel setup, because we believe that you will best understand how it works if you can use room types and other data that are familiar to you. Therefore, for this purpose we have a special installation, which asks you some simple questions, for example what room types and rooms you have, and creates a basic database based on your responses.

The functionality in the trial version is limited, but you can make and look at reservations, try the Point of Sales and most reports and look at many other functions, too. After the trial period, you can continue by ordering a license, which will give you full access to Hotellinx Cloud, including the settings that allow you to add more rates, room types, capacities and properties yourself.

If you want to try, please email us or fill in and submit a contact form.