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    Hotellinx Cloud is all you need - one single tool for your whole hotel and all its departments. When rooms, meeting rooms, activities, spa, restaurant tables and everything else that you need to keep track of are safely in one system.

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Welcome to the Hotellinx Customer area!

Here you will find the latest Hotellinx software news, useful documents and other information for Hotellinx users and resellers.

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Customer support contact

Please contact your own reseller if there is one in your area.
If there is no reseller in your area, please contact
Hotellinx Systems Ltd
Uudenmaankatu 6 A
FIN-20500 Turku
Tel. +358 2 2760 111, email info@hotellinx.com

Latest Customer News

  • New channel management interface!

    The new Hotellinx SiteMinder interface updates availability and rates to SiteMinder, which distributes them further to the Internet-booking channels you have agreed about. Reservations are picked up by the interface and automatically inserted into your Hotellinx system.

    The new Hotellinx SiteMinder interface is currently in its pilot phase and will be available Q2 2016. More details will soon be available here, but if you don't want to wait, please get in touch and ask for more details and/or a quotation.

  • Hotellinx Suite version 7.305

    The latest version of Hotellinx Suite is compatible with NetReservations, Hotellinx's own Internet reservation module, with Hotellinx's new Housekeeping module and with the new SiteMinder interface. It also includes new reports and other enhancements and new routines for credit card handling. You can get the latest version by logging in to the Customer area and downloading the installation/upgrade file.

  • New Hotellinx Front Office and POS soon available!

    A brand new Hotellinx product including a new Front Office module and POS module will soon be available here for trial. If you already have Hotellinx, you can switch to the new product without having to re-enter any data as the database structure remains the same. You will even be able to use the current Hotellinx Suite and the new software in parallell if you so wish.

    All existing interfaces to web-booking engines, channel management and so on will work with the new software and so will Hotellinx's own NetReservations module, Housekeeping and other optional modules, too.