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Hotellinx Systems Ltd

Hotellinx Systems Ltd is a privately owned, Finnish software company founded in 1992 and specialized in developing information management systems and services for the hospitality industry. Our mission is to supply the hospitality and travel industry with IT systems and services, which will not just support operative work, but make the whole organization more efficient and more prosperous.

Supported by our overall solutions, which work without breakdowns for 24 hours a day all year round, our customers can concentrate on their core business – sales, marketing and guest service. Installations, training, system maintenance and other technical issues are all taken care of by the Hotellinx staff, and if there ever are any questions or worries, the Hotellinx help desk is there to deal with them.

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Hotellinx Cloud

The basis of our services is the Hotellinx Cloud software package, which is developed in Finland. The Hotellinx Cloud software package covers hotel, conference and restaurant, and includes tools for daily operative work, invoicing, marketing, follow-up, yield management and so on. Own Internet and mobile reservations and sms messages are some examples of modern features that make Hotellinx Cloud a forerunner in its field. By further integrating Hotellinx Cloud with other systems, for example channel management and web booking portals, telephone, key card, paytv and accounts, we can provide a solution that covers the whole organization, whether this is an individual hotel or a hotel group.

On its home-market, Hotellinx is the leading supplier of hospitality management systems. Worldwide, there are more than a thousand hotels and hotel groups in over 20 countries, who use Hotellinx. The tens of thousands of Hotellinx users are supported through local area offices and resellers trained by Hotellinx Systems Ltd.

Hotellinx Cloud_hotel_management_system

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